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Five Seater Open Sofa

KSh 42,500

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  • KSh 42,500
  • KSh 42,500
  • KSh 42,500
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The Five-Seater Open Sofa that’s Big on Comfort

Forget cramped spaces and boring furniture! Introducing the Five-Seater Open Sofa: your gateway to a spacious, stylish, and adaptable haven for your home or office. Crafted from pure mahogany, this beauty promises comfort, endless possibilities, and the perfect blend of mtaa vibes and modern flair.

The Five-Seater Open Sofa isn’t just furniture – it’s an experience.

What Makes The Five Seater Open Sofa Special ?

  • Mahogany Magic: Feel the difference of real wood. This sofa is more than sturdy – it’s a statement piece that whispers “quality” with every touch.
  • Open to Possibilities: Detachable back and seat cushions let you customize your space. Need a chaise longue for movie nights? Got it! Want separate seating for a cozy reading nook? Done!
  • Fiber Fantastic: Sink into the comfort of supportive fiber cushions. Cleaning is a breeze, and your guests (or your colleagues) will be thanking you for the plushness.
  • More Than Just One Color: Don’t love the classic mahogany look? No worries! Choose from a variety of vibrant colors to match your style and personality. From sunshine yellow to emerald green, find the perfect shade to make your vision a reality.
  • Office Oasis: Not just for homes, this sofa is the perfect addition to your reception area. Imagine clients sinking into its comfort, their first impression shaped by elegance and warmth.

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Treat yourself (or your office) to the gift of comfort, style, and endless possibilities. The Open Sofa is more than furniture – it’s an investment in your well-being, your space, and the memories you create.

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Five Seater Open Sofa
Five Seater Open Sofa
KSh 42,500 Add to cart